Big Bank Bass Tour gave ear to the fishing community by meeting the desire of many anglers who wanted to compete alone and for bigger tournament payouts than most traditional bass clubs offered. Some also said they shy away from club fishing because they don’t like giving up their “secrets” to co-anglers. Other concerns were fishermen having to fish the same locations most of the year while seeing the same faces on the winner’s stage! Also time to scout for the working man was limited or non-existent for most weekend tournaments. So we decided to hold our tournaments on Sundays to allow the 5 day a week worker time to look around. So, gathering these thoughts and ideas from anglers as well as ourselves, the Big Bank Bass Tour format was formed! 


The Tour is open to all to join for a once a year membership fee of $75. An entry fee of $60 ($50 tournament: $10 big bass pot) to compete is due at each tournament. Seeing the vast amount of great youth anglers throughout the high school fishing circuit, we decided to give our young anglers membership and the opportunity to compete as adults. Youths must be captained by a non-fishing member during tournament hours.


We have chosen ten (10) different sites throughout the year to challenge the field of competitors to eventually crown an angler of the year, adult and youth! A youth is eligible to win both divisions! (Wow imagine that!) Each location will have two (2) tournament weekends that month. You will be eligible to fish both tournaments for that weekends’ tournament pot, but you will have to choose which tournament will be counted as your AOY points tournament before fishing each month.

We are a committee consisting of six (6) members as of now. Input and insights are welcomed from our members. We look forward to making this a fun and exciting tour! See yall on the water!


Our Fishing Destinations

Lake Verrett (Doirons Landing)          1-10-21 - 1-17-21

Delacroix (Sweetwater Landing)       2-21-21 - 2-28-21

Lake Concordia (Sportsman)              4-11-21 - 4-18-21

Des Allemands (Sommes)                     5-16-21 - 5-23-21

Henderson (I-10 Launch)                     6-6-21 - 6-13-21

North Pass (Manchac)                          7-11-21 - 7-18-21

Segnette                                                 8-15-21 - 8-22-21

Old River (Old River Landing)           9-12-21 - 9-19-21

Venice (Cypress Cove)                          10-3-21 - 10-10-21

Atch-Spillway (Public Landing)        11-7-21 - 11-14-21